Sunday, March 06, 2016

Psalms for the Fourth Week of Lent

Fourth Sunday in Lent:  Psalm 47
#Psalm47 holds together a God who loves all people but has special love for Israel. Can you leave room for God to love the very different other?

Monday in Lent 4:  Psalm 65
#Psalm65 admits guilt and proclaims forgiveness (v.1-5), then sings God’s praise. How hard is it to forgive? To be forgiven? To experience joy?

Tuesday in Lent 4:  Psalm 66
#Psalm66 reflects on times of trouble as also times of testing. Is disorientation necessary for reorientation? Have you experienced this truth?

Wednesday in Lent 4:  Psalm 91
#Psalm91 tells of total trust in God’s provision of safety. It may seem unrealistic but it’s meant to inspire. Can we trust in spite of trouble?

Thursday in Lent 4:  Psalm 96
#Psalm96 proclaims the future belongs to God and not to our idols. With what idols do you struggle and what would life look like without them?

Friday in Lent 4:  Psalm 99
#Psalm99 proclaims God as King. He loves justice, equality and righteousness. What is a way you could love these things more right now?

Saturday in Lent 4:  Psalm 103

#Psalm103 proclaims God’s judgment as coming in unexpected ways (v.8-18). What are these ways? What keeps you from faith that they are true?

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