Sunday, March 13, 2016

Psalms for Week of Lent 5

Fifth Sunday in Lent:  Psalm 114
#Psalm114 uses the power of memory to proclaim God’s power of liberation. Given that freedom is a desire of God for us, what holds us back?

Monday in Lent 5:  Psalm 117
#Psalm117 is a short, summary announcement of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. How does this work as a statement of your faith?

Tuesday in Lent 5:  Psalm 124
#Psalm124 “If the Lord had not been on our side…then…” When have you experienced that the Lord has been on your side…your “help” (v.8)?

Wednesday in Lent 5:  Psalm 135 (1-10)
#Psalm135 sings the memory of the chosen people’s inheritance, albeit by acts of violence. Does grace have to occur at the expense of others?

Thursday in Lent 5:  Psalm 138
#Psalm138 gives thanks for God’s enduring faithfulness to “the lowly” (v.7). All people have purpose. What is your purpose? How do you know?

Friday in Lent 5:  Psalm 146
#Psalm146 asks us in whom we put our ultimate trust, look to for justice, care and sustenance. Does this mean we should distrust anyone else?

Saturday in Lent 5:  Psalm 147 (1-12)

#Psalm147 gives thanks for return from exile, from the feeling of a broken heart. Have you ever felt God’s presence lift you out of such a time?

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