Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter Friday

Easter Friday
The Octave of Good Friday
What of sin these past eight days
Paul says consider yourselves to sin

In Baptism we renounce sin
In every form imaginable
(and some perhaps not)
Then promise whenever we sin we will

We renounce with fingers crossed
This is the work of the people
Despite protests to the contrary
We know we will fall short, but not in

Christ took on our sins
Once for all we say
Should we also say for all time
Is God engaged in an eternal absorption of

As in Adam all die the apostle says
So also in Christ shall all be made alive
Even Adam Eve and the serpent
Christ robs hell of its oldest inhabitants and they are

It is the energy of this freedom
Fueled by Love sustained in Faith
Resolving into Hope
That enabled the rising and enables it


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