Sunday, February 28, 2016

Psalms for Lent Week 3

Third Sunday in Lent:  Psalm 51
#Psalm51 Back to where we started with psalms of disorientation.  What does “the sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit” (v. 18) mean to you?

Monday in Lent 3:  Psalm 23
#Psalm23 is a statement of trust in the face of enemies and death, which I choose not to fear. In what one way can you live into this trust now?

Tuesday in Lent 3:  Psalm 27
#Psalm 27 declares that trust defeats trouble, although seeking and patience are required. What is your experience of waiting patiently for God?

Wednesday in Lent 3:  Psalm 29
#Psalm 29 testifies that God is more powerful than any resistance from the creation. God can reorder life. What in your life needs reordering?

Thursday in Lent 3:  Psalm 30
#Psalm30 tells a story of being in trouble and coming through it. What part of your story is told by this psalm? For what are you thankful?

Friday in Lent 3:  Psalm 34
#Psalm34 speaks of God who is in solidarity with the brokenhearted. They may taste and see the Lord is good. What reminds you of God’s goodness?

Saturday in Lent 3:  Psalm 40

#Psalm40 seems upside down: a burst of thanksgiving/hope followed by sudden complaint. You are God, so act like it! Does this resonate with you?

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