Monday, February 22, 2016

Psalms for Lent Week 2

Second Sunday in Lent:  Psalm 86
#Psalm86 freely praises God in the midst of trouble. Are you able to know God’s love, or be grateful when things are not going well for you?

Monday in Lent 2:  Psalm 88
#Psalm88 is a cry of a believer in despair, rejected. It’s the only psalm that doesn’t resolve into praise. Have you been in this dark place?

Tuesday in Lent 2:  Psalm 90
#Psalm90 declares faith in God, then turns to complaint. Perhaps God doesn’t want passivity, but our struggle. With what do you struggle?

Wednesday in Lent 2:  Psalm 109
#Psalm109 is a raw cry for vindication against an enemy, with the demand that God act. How do you resolve the command to love an enemy?

Thursday in Lent 2:  Psalm 130
#Psalm130 reaches out from deep human need to divine mercy. Notice in v. 3 that mercy comes before the fear. What does it mean to fear God?

Friday in Lent 2:  Psalm 137
#Psalm137 Out of captivity comes remembrance that spills over into rage. Have you experienced such bitterness? Could you leave it with God?

Saturday in Lent 2:  Psalm 143

#Psalm143 is unafraid to complain to God but sees this as an act of faithful trust. Do you have enough confidence in God to lash out at him?

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