Saturday, February 13, 2016

Psalms for Lent: Week One

First Sunday in Lent:  Psalm 35
#Psalm35 asks God to fight against one’s enemies. The threat is real and imminent. Have you experienced betrayal similar to the writer’s?

Monday in Lent 1:  Psalm 49
#Psalm 49 expresses confusion about what actually gives life. The wise/rich die alike as the foolish/poor. What does give life to you?

Tuesday in Lent 1:  Psalm 50
#Psalm50 is God’s view on our disorientation. We are God’s covenant partner; we call, God delivers. What happens when we do not call?

Wednesday in Lent 1:  Psalm 73
#Psalm73 describes the reorientation process. When have you felt a disconnect between the way things ought to be and the way things are?

Thursday in Lent 1:  Psalm 74
#Psalm74 is a psalm of protest and grief. The center has not held. Has your prayer ever felt like a protest? Is it OK to complain to God?

Friday in Lent 1:  Psalm 79
#Psalm79 is a passionate, even venomous, demand for God to act? What is your experience of being angry with God? Could you be honest or not?

Saturday in Lent 1:  Psalm 81

#Psalm81 contains the primal commandment: no strange god. Have you ever felt in bondage to something other than God? How did you break out?

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